Zen Moments
18 artworks

The Zen Moments category features works that abstract ideas from Zen Buddhism. In terms of painting technique, Western painting is combined with the principles of Asian painting and calligraphy.

abstract surrealism
22 artworks

The gallery "abstract surrealism" shows works that abstract elements from classical and modern surrealism or combine them.

gestural painting
16 artworks

The term "gestural painting", also known as "gesturalism", is used to describe a method of fine art painting characterized by energetic, expressive brushstrokes deliberately emphasizing the sweep of the painter's arm or movement of the hand. Most of the works shown here are based on principles of classical Chinese calligraphy and painting.

calligraphy and asemic painting
8 artworks

Calligraphy and Asemic Writing shows works dedicated to Chinese calligraphy or asemic characters that are based on traditional Chinese calligraphy. The artist studied Chinese calligraphy and painting and has been practicing these for decades.

Latest Artworks
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